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21 Dec 2019
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Multi Wanpro Tee Plug

Welcome to Website Dexicon elektrik We are a company engaged in electrical industry such as Stop Contact, Lamp Fitting, Connector Tee dos And Adapters, STEKER, Lights, PANEL BOX etc. Find our best products (Stop Contacts, Lamp Fittings, Tee dos Connectors and Adapters, STEKER, Lights, PANEL BOX and various other electrical appliances.) With the best quality and price you can get. An electrical plug is a device for connecting electrical or electronic equipment to an electric current and is usually plugged into a power outlet, plugs the plug, whereas the socket is the place to receive the plugs. The term "plug" means a plug mounted on the end of the power cord that plugs into the electrical outlet to turn on the electronic means. The plug is used as a conduit for the power source. The plug is two metal plugs mounted on the end of the power cord that serves to connect electrical equipment with electric current. The plug is plugged into the outlet stop so that the electrical appliance can be used. There are at least two types of plugs that we can meet around us. Kinds of plugs include; Small plug, Small plug is a plug used to connect low-power appliances, such as a lamp or a small radio with a power source or a power outlet. Large plugs A large plug is a plug used for powerful power tools, such as refrigerators, microwaves, or washing machines with a power source or a power outlet. This type of plug is equipped with a metal plate for the ground channel that serves as a safety. Ground is indispensable for large power equipment because the ground is capable of delivering dangerous electrical current for humans

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Shipping Regulations:

Monday-Saturday: JNE and J&T close at 5 pm receipt will be updated the night / tomorrow.

Gosend / Grab couriers close at 3 pm

Instant Gosend / Grab couriers close at 5 pm

Sunday and red holiday dates

If the order enters above the close limit, it will be sent the next day of delivery.

for reservations can directly contact the number listed on our website.

we are also available on Tokopedia, BukaLapak and Shopee

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