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Welcome to Website Dexicon elektrik We are a company engaged in electrical industry such as Stop Contact, Lamp Fitting, Connector Tee dos And Adapters, STEKER, Lights, PANEL BOX etc. Find our best products (Stop Contacts, Lamp Fittings, Tee dos Connectors and Adapters, STEKER, Lights, PANEL BOX and various other electrical appliances.) With the best quality and price you can get. A switch is the name given to a device connected with electricity. So, this term is related to electricity. Speaking of switches, most of us would already know the shape of the switch. Moreover, this tool is often we use as a complement of electrical systems at home. On this occasion, we will discuss this electrical appliance again. The switch or any of the switches in electrical engineering may be defined as electrical devices or components that can break and connect the flow of electric current, or as electrical devices / components that can be used as a means of transferring the flow of electricity from one conductor to another. So what is the definition or definition of a switch on electrical engineering? because the electronics technique is actually part of electrical engineering that studies the low electrical currents / electrical then the outline of the switch in electronic engineering has the same definition, ie the electronic switch is a tool / electronic component that can disconnect or connect a weak electrical current / voltage or an electronic device / component which can be used to move a current / voltage (low / weak) current from one conductor to another.

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Shipping Regulations:

Monday-Saturday: JNE and J&T close at 5 pm receipt will be updated the night / tomorrow.

Gosend / Grab couriers close at 3 pm

Instant Gosend / Grab couriers close at 5 pm

Sunday and red holiday dates

If the order enters above the close limit, it will be sent the next day of delivery.

for reservations can directly contact the number listed on our website.

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